Research & Development

Nucleus Farma's goal is to innovate to deliver a therapy that significantly improves the patient's life. R & D is at the core of fulfilling Nucleus Farma's goals as we strive to translate science and cutting-edge technology into the most important therapies.

Nucleus Farma undertakes various research, development and innovation of existing products to suit the market's wishes, even if it needs to issue new products for business continuity (product development), eyecatching packaging, product registration to authorized BPOM / HAKI / MUI bodies. making forward forecasts of the continuity of its products with an observation period / based on clear economic objectives.

We focus our efforts on core areas where we believe Nucleus Farma is in the best position to deliver unique therapies for patients including hypoalbuminemia, postoperative / wound healing, pre eclampsia and malnutrition, oncology, neuroscience and cardiovascular diseases.

We know that it takes more than just great science to provide meaningful new therapies. Our approach is to collaborate in new and dynamic ways with academic scientists, patient foundations, government, biopharmaceutical companies and other healthcare professionals.