Nucleus Farma, we strive to be better everyday through innovation and efficiency. 

At Nucleus Farma, our scientists and researchers try their best everyday to make a profound impact by discovery, development, and delivery of natural medicines and consumer heath products.

At Nucleus Farma, we operate with the highest conduct of integrity and ethics, abiding by the most stringent code of health and business  guidelines to ensure that we deliver the most cost effective products to our consumers, both in Indonesia and overseas.


Our ultimate goal is to provide a better alternative medicine at the lowest cost so people can get best in class in treatment and quality health care cost-effectively.


Our Vision

To make natural medicine and cosmetic with best local basic ingredients to create best product, at the most cost effective way, so our customers can enjoy good healthy living at reasonable cost.


Our mission

To give people alternative high quality products at competitive prices across all segments of the healthcare market with a natural-based treatment options.



Our goal

To improve by by producing innovative health products, focus on innovation and research of natural ingredients.